hazardous materials disposal
hazardous materials disposal
hazardous materials disposal

Household Hazardous Waste Day

Saturday, May 16, 2020  8am-12pm

Berrien County Residents Only

Recycle Oil-based Paint (not latex), Chemicals, Pesticides, Electronics, & More

We also shred sensitive documents for you during this event

3200 Chamberlain Road

Buchanan, MI


plastic recycling
cardboard recycling
The Southeast Berrien County Landfill Authority Niles, MI

Click on link below to read about our Styrofoam policy

Styrofoam Position Statement_9 16 2019

Acceptable and Unacceptable Materials

The following materials are accepted for recycling:

Clear, Brown or Green Glass: Jars and Bottles

  • Must be rinsed clean
  • Labels may be left on
  • NO plastic caps, plastic rings, metal caps or metal rings
  • NO ceramic window glass
  • NO drinking glass
  • NO light bulbs

Tin/Metal Cans

  • Cans must be rinsed clean
  • Labels must be removed
  • Flatten cans if possible
  • NO scrap tin or metal permitted

Aluminum Cans and Foil

  • Items must be rinsed clean
  • Labels must be removed
  • NO scrap aluminum permitted

Milk Jugs #2 HDPE and #1 PETE

  • Items must be drained and rinsed clean
  • NO caps
  • NO wide mouth #2 (example – margarine tubs)
  • NO oil containers
  • NO plastic bags

Magazines, Telephone Books and Newspapers

  • Place in correct bin
  • NO wet items

Corrugated Cardboard

  • Brown paper sacks are permitted
  • NO cereal boxes
  • NO wet cardboard

Office Paper and Junk Mail

  • Accepted items are computer paper, circulors, glossy inserts and junk mail
  • NO dirty paper
  • NO wet paper
  • NO shredded paper

Motor Oil, Antifreeze and Transmission Fluid

  • NO power steering fluid
  • 55 gallon drums contact the Landfill (fees apply)

If in doubt, please contact the Landfill Authority at 269-695-2500.

Contact Us

Southeast Berrien County Landfill Authority
1540 Mayflower Rd.
Niles, MI 49120
Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm
Saturday 8am – 12pm
Recycle – at Chamberlain Entrance
Permitted & Licensed under Part 115

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